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The staff at McEnery Lawn Care is well versed in the management of trees and shrubs. We would be delighted to survey your Chicagoland property and provide you with a free estimate for our tree and shrub services. Then we can develop a plant health care program that’s tailored toward your Chicagoland landscape’s specific demands in regard to insect, disease and soil fertility issues affecting your trees and shrubs.

McEnery Lawn Care knows what it takes to make your Chicagoland trees and shrubs healthy, thick and disease free. Our promise to you is to provide your Chicagoland trees and shrubs with exactly what they need to keep your trees and shrubs beautiful for years to come. We are located in Palatine and provide trees and shrub services to Chicago’s Northwest Suburbs.


Your tree & shrub program would consist of a combination of the following services depending upon the specifics of your landscape:

Dormant Oil Application

This is an oil spray which is applied to kill overwintering insects or eggs located on the bark of deciduous trees and shrubs while they are dormant.

Fungicide & Insecticide Applications

These are combination sprays designed to both prevent and control a wide array of diseases and insects. Targeted pests would include but are not limited to blights, scab, and rusts as well as beetles, borers and mites.

Deep Root Fertilization

This is a process where we inject a liquid form of slow release fertilizer and micronutrients into the soil surrounding the base of your trees and shrubs. We recommend that this service be performed in the Fall to help your trees and shrubs get through the winter and have more vigorous growth and a healthier appearance the following Spring.

Antidessicant Application

These are products that coat plant leaves with a thin plastic like film which is designed to slow water loss during the winter months. We highly recommend that this treatment be made on newly planted evergreens or established plantings which are exposed to harsh winds and road salt during the winter months. We commonly spray them on arborvitaes, boxwood, rhododendrons and yews.

Tree Injection

We at McEnery Lawn Care are certified Mauget micro infusion specialists. The Mauget system is ideal for limiting the environmental impact of insecticide and fungicide applications. We most often employ it on larger trees in addition to those which are located directly next to customers’ homes or adjacent to bodies of water.


McEnery Lawn Care is based in Palatine, but we travel throughout the entire Chicagoland area. McEnery Lawn Care is committed to providing you with professional lawn care and landscaping services using only the finest materials and modern equipment, resulting in a lush lawn at a competitive price.

At McEnery Lawn Care, we have customers in Chicago, Palatine, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Northbrook, Barrington, Mount Prospect, Des Plaines, Elmhurst, Hinsdale and everywhere in between. We emphasize the “care” portion of lawn care is important to us so. We hope you will contact us today for lawn care or landscaping services by calling 847-358-TURF (847-358-8873).

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